Traumatic Brain Injuries in Athletes are Indistinguishable to Those in War Veterans

As more studies are done on athletes in high impact sports and war veterans who experience explosions in combat, we are learning that the consequent brain injuries are the same.  Nick Colgin knows that he suffers from depression, headaches, and trouble with daily tasks after living through an explosion when a grenade hit his Humvee in Afghanistan.  Unfortunately, chronic traumatic encephalopathy or CTE, the condition which symptoms include damage to areas of the brain responsible for thinking, judgment, memory, and personality can only be diagnosed after death.  While Colgin suffers from many painful side effects, he is not sure exactly what damage has been done to his brain and if it will ever heal.  See the article and video below for more information:

Check out Jacob Bell’s interview as the first NFL player to quit for fear of long term brain injury:

Researchers Exploring the Link Among NFL Concussions, Brain Injury, and Suicide

The latest lawsuit against the NFL by current and former players was filed last Thursday.  The number of players claiming that the NFL hid the dangers of concussions has reached over 1,500.  Junior Seau, a longtime linebacker for the San Diego Chargers, shot himself in the chest last week, and doctors are examining his brain for signs of traumatic brain injury.  The number of retired NFL players who commit suicide is steadily growing.  Doctors and researchers continue to research the link between the number of concussions and high impact hits and the severity of traumatic brain injury in players.  Check out the articles below for more information on the NFL lawsuits and Seau’s death:

NFL Concussion Injury Cases to be Centralized

The pretrial proceedings for four different actions against the NFL are to be consolidated to the Eastern District of Pennsylvania and heard by Honorable Anita B. Brody.  The panel on multidistrict litigation decided that three California cases and one Pennsylvania case are to be transferred to the Judge who already has six of these actions pending in her district.  Check out the Transfer Order below for more information: